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    I created Wild Cotton Linens because I have always thought of fine kitchen linens as little works of art that you get to use. My mother was an artist, my sister is an artist and my daughter is an artist. The artistic gene missed me in the traditional sense but I do have a great love for vivid colors and patterns and all things kitchen! My mother said "surround yourself with beautiful things". That is what I have done.

    Wild Cotton Linens is an offshoot of a kitchen store that I owned for 34 years in North Carolina. One of the best things about having my store was buying the linens because there are so many fabulous choices. It is like buying art! I have closed my store but could not give up my love of the textiles or the fun search to find them. I have a wide range of choices here. You will find all sorts of kitchen and dining linens in a wide range of price and nationality. I have included many fun categories, even adding paper napkins (not quite linens) because good ones are not easy to find these days. I love each and every item on this website and I hope you will too. My quest is to have more people use cloth napkins every day and to encourage more color in your world.

    Dishtowels make great gifts for everyone because good quality ones are so rare. Trust me, people love these as gifts. You can use these tea towels as hand towels in your bathroom. The napkins can be made into fabulous interesting pillows. I have included table runners, rugs and kitchen mats in my selection. A new tablecloth and cloth napkins can go a long way in changing a room without spending a fortune. Really! The bag category is well represented here. I must have been a bag woman in my last life because I own a million bags and cannot stop collecting them. 

    Great potholders are incredibly hard to find as well as heavy aprons and oven mitts. I inspect the quality of these products myself and have the highest of standards. Once I received an order of potholders that were so thin you could not pick up a hot pot. I overnighted them to the head of the company and told her to call me back after she tried to pick up a hot pot. Needless to say, she took them all back and retooled her factory. Yay for us!

    I hope these pages provide a wonderful stimulation for your senses and a boon for your kitchen too! The inventory changes all the time so stay tuned.

    Martha Marsh Jenkins  Wild Cotton Linens                                                                                      

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