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    Linen Care and Information


    Linens are machine washable unless otherwise noted.

    Machine wash in cold water with like colors and tumble dry on low for best results. When washing your linens the first time we recommend adding a cup of plain white vinegar for a couple of reasons:


    Color Retention- Vinegar opens up the fibers and helps set the color. Bright and dark colors will stay that way longer!


    Absorption- Don’t be surprised if your towels aren’t very absorbent when you first use them. Manufacturers often use sizing, a film that’s applied to the threads used in the weaving of fabrics that strengthens them to withstand the stress of the weaving process. Sizing is great for weaving, but it acts as a barrier to absorption.  Vinegar breaks down the sizing and acts and a natural fabric softener. It may take a few washes, but your linens will be absorbent!


    Most linens will shrink after washing and as they do they’ll become thicker. Items like napkins and tablecloths will also wrinkle. If you hate ironing (as most of us do!) take them out of the dryer while still damp and hang them up to finish drying. Tug at the corners a bit to smooth them out and minimize wrinkles.


    Our linens are sourced from France, India, Russia, Sweden, Belgium,  Turkey and the United States. Some slight variations in weave, color, or printing are part of the rustic nature of some of our linens. Small differences in dye lots are a normal occurrence and are the nature of the beast.

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